Welcome to DMA’s “Recycle Please” Website!

DMA’s “Recycle Please” campaign is a nationwide public education campaign that asks DMA members to display prominently the “Recycle Please” logo (click to view downloadable options) in their catalogs and direct mail pieces to encourage consumers to recycle them after reading them.

Through this campaign, DMA intends to overcome the lack of public awareness that catalogs and mixed paper can be recycled, and consequently, improve the overall recycling/recovery rate of used catalogs and direct mail in the US.

Please click here for DMA’s press release about the campaign. For a list of companies that support this campaign, please click here.

Why Participate?

Currently, there is substantial need and opportunity to increase residential recycling of advertising mail because:

  • Paper and writing fiber is in high demand

  • Worldwide demand for paper fiber is expected to continue to grow through at least the end of this decade; and

  • Current recycling rates for catalogs and direct mail lag far behind recycling rates for other types of used paper and paperboard, such as newsprint and corrugated cardboard.

By participating in this campaign, DMA members help raise public awareness about the capacity and opportunity for recycling catalogs and direct mail, and thereby, play an instrumental role in stimulating recycling and recovery of these paper grades. Increased recycling and recovery activity has numerous benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Making efficient use of raw material,
  • Reducing the amount of new fiber that must be obtained from wood to make new paper products,
  • Conserving valuable global resources,
  • Decreasing landfill waste, and
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from incinerators and landfills.

Thank you for your interest in DMA's “Recycle Please” campaign.

In order to participate, you must be a DMA member and notify DMA of your intention to participate. Please complete the “Recycle Please” sign-up form and email it to environment@the-dma.org.

Download the logo now and help us raise public awareness.

Please click here for DMA’s press release about the campaign and a list of companies that support this campaign.