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DMA Corporate Responsibility Resource Center

Welcome to DMA’s Corporate Responsibility Resource Center for Businesses! Please click on your category of interest:

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Consumer Help Page

Complaint Handling Procedures & How to File a Complaint

Ethics Case Complaint Form – OBA Compliance

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DMA Self-Regulatory & Compliance Tools

Guidelines on Ethical Business Practice

DMA Member Principles

Do the Right Thing (Examples and Questions Regarding Ethics Guidelines)

Description of DMA Corporate Responsibility Committees

*Direct Comment

DMA/BBB Mediation & Arbitration Service

Complaint Handling Procedures & How to File a Complaint

Ethics Case Complaint Form

Report on Ethics Committee Findings

DMA Triple Bottom Line Bulletin (3BL)

DMA Compliance Network Sign-Up

DMA Compliance Webinars

Compliance Webinar Materials

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How to Comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule

What Direct Marketers Need to Know About the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

Privacy Provisions of HIPAA FAQ

NEW Self Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising

*Privacy Policy Generator

*Children’s Privacy Policy Generator

*Gramm-Leach-Bliley Privacy Policy Generator

CCC Reminder: Update Your Privacy Policy to Refer Consumers to DMAchoice

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Information Security & Identity Theft

FTC & DMA Campaign: AvoID Theft

*DMA Call Script Guides for Identity Theft Assistance & Prevention

Information Security: Safeguarding Personal Data in Your Care

*DMA/Solutionary Information Security and Compliance Assessment Tool

Protecting Personal Information: An FTC Guide for Businesses

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DMAchoice Preference Services Subscriber Information

Mail Preference Service (MPS) Subscriber Information

Email Preference Service (eMPS) Subscriber Information

Telephone Preference Service (TPS) Subscriber Information

DMAchoice: Essential Information for Members - Including FAQs

Foreign Mail Preference Service (FMPS) Subscriber Information

Deceased Do Not Contact List (DDNC) Subscriber Information

Wireless Ported Numbers File

Wireless Block Identifier

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E-Commerce Resources

DMA's E-Commerce Integrity Resource Center

*DMA's Email Authentication Help Center

Quick-Glance Reference Guide to the Federal CAN-SPAM Act

The CAN SPAM Act of 2003

Anti-Spam FAQ

OnGuard Online

DMA’s Email Authentication Requirement: FAQs and Best Practices

DMA's IMAB Best Practices for Online Advertising Networks and Affiliate Marketing

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Additional Legal Resources For Direct Marketers

DMA Guidance to List Industry on FTC Legal Interpretation

30 Day Rule (Mail or Telephone Order Merchandise Rule)

*Preserving the Credit Economy FCRA Reauthorization
Why It Matters to All Direct Marketers

Sweepstakes Do’s and Don’ts for Marketers: A "Plain Language" Guide to the Deceptive Mail Prevention and Enforcement Act 1999

DMA Alert for Marketers: Envelope Copy Must be Honest

*Guidance for Establishing & Substantiating Shipping and Handling Charges

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Telemarketing & Fax Resources

*Marketing Mistakes: Reaching Wireless Devices by Telephone, Text Message, or Email – Fact Sheet

*Know The Rules For Contacting Wireless Devices By Telephone, Text Message, or Email - Flowchart

*A Matter of Fax: What Direct Marketers Need to Know About Sending Commercial Faxes

*TCPA Safe Harbor Compliance Reminder

Alert for Marketers: Offshoring: Preserving Consumer Protection & Trust

DMA Statement: Caller-ID Falsification

Complying with the FTC's Telemarketing Sales Rule

10 Steps to Making a Sale under the FTC's Telemarketing Sales Rule

Alert for Marketers: Proper Use of Prerecorded Messages

*Alert for Marketers: Critical Checkpoints for Consumer Calling Campaigns

Checklist for Creating a Do-Not-Call Policy Statement for Consumers

Making a Sale Under the FTC's New Telemarketing Sales Rule Flow Chart

Fundraising for Nonprofits Flowchart

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DMA Environmental Resource Center

*The Green 15 Toolkit

Recycle Please Campaign

*Environmental Planning Tool & Optional Policy Generator

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EU Safe Harbor

*Safe Harbor Program: A Guide for Businesses

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This e-bulletin, published monthly by DMA's Corporate & Social Responsibility (CSR) department, is free for DMA members and covers the latest news and information on ethics/compliance, social responsibility, and environmental matters affecting multi-channel marketers. 3BL contains the information you need to market responsibly and achieve the triple bottom line: social, environmental and financial profit. For more information or to opt-in to receive the newsletter, please email environment@the-dma.org or ethics@the-dma.org.

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Because self-regulation and responsible marketing are so important to the overall health of the direct marketing community, DMA’s Corporate & Social Responsibility (CSR) department hosts free compliance briefings for DMA members. Topics range from self-regulation and privacy/ethics to environment and international affairs. To receive notification of compliance webinar offerings, please email ethics@the-dma.org.

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