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Companies/Organizations Not in Compliance with DMA Requirements

Companies and organizations listed on this page have been found to not be in compliance with the DMA Ethical Guidelines for Business Practice as determined by the DMA's ethics self-regulatory committee process.

To learn more about the cases, please review the 2011 compliance report at www.dmaresponsibility.org/CaseReport/

  • Bankers Healthcare Group, Inc. (non-member)
  • Hearing Health Associates (non-member)
  • Intercontinental Capital Group (non-member)
  • National Publication Billing Services (non-member)
  • Republican National Committee (non-member)
  • Resource Stock Advisor (non-member)
  • Union Workers Credit Services (non-member)
  • SRC Lists, North Miami Beach, FL, removed from membership


For questions, contact DMA at ethics@the-dma.org, or customer@the-dma.org.

Suspended Member

Companies and organizations listed in this section have been suspended from DMA membership and may be reinstated.

  • none at this time (as of May 17, 2013)


For more information, contact ethics@the-dma.org.