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Create A DMA Web Site Account

Begin the process for obtaining a user name and password using the form below. Each individual in a company must get their own Web account. Obtaining a Web account is free. Both Non-members and Members can get a Web account.

  1. First we will see if you are already in our database.
  2. You will then be asked to choose your own user name.
  3. We will e-mail you your password, which you can change.

If you have already been through this process and have forgotten your password, we can e-mail it to you.

Choose One of the Following Options:

Option 1

Enter Your Name:
Last Name (Required) First Letter of First Name (Required)   Zip Code (Required)  

Option 2

E-mail Address:

Option 3

Enter Your Customer Number and Last Name:
Customer number (Required)  Last name (Required)  

Get your customer number. Your customer number is not your company number and only prior DMA customers will have a customer number. To get a customer number you can call us at 212.790.1500.