Getting Involved

How To Participate?
Your support of this campaign primarily entails:

  • Displaying the “Recycle Please” logo wherever feasible on your catalogs and direct mail pieces that can be recycled, and driving consumers and businesses to the “Recycle Please” website, which is displayed on the logo itself.

    • Click here to review the “Recycle Please” logo options and instructions for use.

You can further support this campaign by:

  • Publicly endorsing the campaign by, for example, allowing DMA to list you as a supporter in a press release and/or supplying a quote to DMA that demonstrates your commitment to this campaign; and/or

  • Promoting the “Recycle Please” campaign through your normal outreach to business employees and colleagues, clients, schools and/or other groups in your local community; and/or

    • Click here for a standard press release that you can tailor to spread the word about this campaign and your commitment to it.

  • Reporting annually to DMA on any activities you have undertaken to encourage recycling and improve recycling rates in your community or beyond.

For questions or to participate, please e-mail