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Help me get in touch with experts who can assist me

Please complete and submit the form below. You will then be provided with a list of member companies who have offered to provide technical assistance to other DMA members on their email authentication challenges for a reasonable cost.

The information you provide will be reviewed by DMA staff, and upon your request, distributed to service providers for follow-up.

Please complete the following:
Your Name:
Company Name:
Company Location [City, State]:
Website URL:
Size of Company:
Please Select:
I do not plan to follow-up with vendors you’ll provide, but thanks for offering the assistance.
I'm not sure yet if I’ll be following up with vendors, but will appreciate having the list handy.
I plan to follow-up with vendors who can help me.
  I will request:
   Onsite Assistance
   Phone Consultation
Please indicate the areas in which you need assistance:
The basics… what is email authentication & why it is necessary
Justifying to my boss why we need to authenticate
Figuring out if I am authenticated
Determining the domains or IP addresses I use for sending email messages
Determining what type of authentication is best for me (SPF, Sender-ID, or DomainKeys)
Implementing SPF
Implementing Sender-ID
Implementing DomainKeys
General Comments: