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Find out how you can fight back against identity theft.


Identity theft is a growing problem for consumers and businesses alike. As marketers, we have a responsibility to protect the personal data we collect against unauthorized or illegal use. Although the information used to commit fraud and identity theft is often stolen directly from the consumer (not from marketers), marketers can assist consumers by educating them on how to prevent and correct harm caused by identity theft.

Consumer trust in the information economy is crucial to the ongoing success of every organization in the direct marketing community. As part of our efforts to build a bridge of trust between consumers and business, DMA is taking part in the Federal Trade Commissions AvoID Theft campaign an effort to arm consumers with the tips and tools them necessary to fight back against identity theft.

Awareness is one of the most powerful tools in the fight against identity theft, and thats where you can play an important role: The more your customers know how to protect their identities and what to do if a problem occurs, the harder it is for identity thieves to commit their crimes.


The AvoID Theft campaign is centered on three key actions how consumers can:

  • Deter identity thieves by safeguarding their personal information.
  • Detect suspicious activity by routinely monitoring financial accounts and billing statements.
  • Defend against identity theft as soon as a problem is suspected.

Raising awareness of these three actions and the steps involved can make it more difficult for identity thieves to target people. Whether you share this information with 50 people or 50,000, you can make a difference.


The Direct Marketing Association is calling on all of our members to partner with us in this important public education effort.

As direct marketers, you already have a wealth of channels for reaching out to current and potential customers. We want you to do what you do best get this relevant and important message to people who need to hear it.

The people you reach will have a better understanding of how identity thieves work, how to reduce their risk of identity theft, and what to do if they suspect a problem. They will appreciate your leadership and assistance.


In cooperation with the Federal Trade Commission, DMA has created materials in both English and Spanish that you can easily co-brand with your own logo and information and produce in the quantities you need to communicate with consumers.

The brochures, bill stuffers and other materials can be integrated into your existing or upcoming direct marketing campaigns to provide a valuable public service to consumers. DMA staff will provide you with electronic files of the relevant artwork, and work with you to help customize these pieces as needed.

You can view sample materials below.


This tri-fold brochure offers consumers a complete set of tips on how to deter, detect and defend against identity theft. You can simply add your logo, or DMA staff can help you add additional information about how your company works to protect your customers against identity theft.

Low-resolution printable files for your review:

Bill Stuffers/Fulfillment Inserts

Add your logo to these single-panel, double-sided cards that can be used as bill stuffers, blow-ins or enclosures with order fulfillment. Use one card as a stand-alone, or the series of five that can be presented in sequence.

The cards are designed as standard, single panel pieces (3.5" X 6" to be printed on 60# paper). If necessary, we will work with you to modify the design for a size and weight most suitable to coordinate with your current mailings.

Low-resolution printable files for your review:

Wallet Card

This plastic takeaway wallet card can provide your customers a ready reference guide of the steps to take if ID theft is suspected. Available in English and Spanish.

Low-resolution printable files for your review:

Website and Icon

To complement your print communications, we have also created a consumer web site (www.avoidtheft.org) to which you can direct your customers To direct customers to the site, simply add this icon to your current website.

You can also use the site content to create your own identity theft tips and tools page that reflects your corporate branding and graphics. Please credit DMA and the Federal Trade Commission accordingly.

Online PSA

Use this banner advertisement to guide customers to DMAs consumer information website (www.avoidtheft.org). We will work with you to customize the size and resolution of your banner advertisement to make the image consistent with your current online advertising efforts.

You can view sample materials below.

Call Script Guide

This customizable guide, prepared by the DMA Committee on the Environment and Social Responsibility (CESR), can be used by call/contact centers to address consumer questions about suspicious emails, e-commerce shopping cart concerns and suspect websites. It also has a section devoted to script guides for use in the event of an actual identity theft situation, so that you can give your customers accurate, timely information to help protect themselves. A preamble for managers of customer service representatives sets the stage for dealing with customers in such a charged, confusing atmosphere.

Please review this guide closely, and share it with internal stakeholders including your own customer service and communications staffs and legal counsel. Feel free to adapt it for optimal internal use in your organization.

For more information or to obtain a hardcopy of this guide and/or the consumer alerts, please email e-commerce@the-dma.org.


In addition to the materials DMA has created for your branded use, the Federal Trade Commission has other tools you can use to communicate with customers. And dont forget about employees help them avoid becoming a victim of identity theft by sharing with them campaign messages and materials.

  • Are you active in community organizations? The FTC has a speech, a 10-minute video presentation and a PowerPoint slideshow presentation suitable for use with community groups.
  • Do you have an employee or customer newsletter? There are templates available to help you create an educational article on preventing identity theft.

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